We’re Your Business Partner.

As your financial partner, we support our clients in understanding their numbers to better manage their organizations. Aspire provides a start-to-finish accounting approach, integrating technological systems and process efficiencies, so you have more time to add value in your business or get out and explore! Located in Invermere BC, Aspire supports businesses, not-for-profits/charities, and personal tax clients as your strategic partner. Our team of experts provide a full range of services including accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, data management, and year-end and tax return services (including audits).


As your external talent management department, our management consulting division supports your human resources and operational needs. With expertise in recruitment, performance management, policy development, talent retention, compensation structure, HR administration, and operational support, we have your back.



I have been working with the team at Aspire since inception. Even though I am in Saskatchewan, Aspire is easily able to work with me remotely to meet all of my needs. They work hard to help me with all financial aspects of my business and add a personal touch. The team provides the highest level of service in the industry. Aspire has taken the guesswork out of my books, saved me hours of paperwork and made decision making easy. I strongly recommend using Aspire for all of your accounting needs. They are a valuable asset and work hard for you, so you don't have to. I never knew working with a firm could be this simple.


My husband and I both own businesses. Typical of small business owners, our personal life is tied to our business. Not only do we strive to be successful professionally- but with the added concern that if we are not- this directly adversely affects our family, our home, our personal finances including our assets and security. Kyla honours her clients because she understands this. She provides a professional service, but does so with integrity, understanding and proactive support and recommendations. She is a part of our successful business team. Knowing Kyla has our back professionally results in her protecting our personal life as well- and this makes her family.


Kyla's boutique approach to my small business accounting has been nothing short of transformative. Game changing. I only wish our paths had crossed ten years sooner! After over a decade of being pushed thru an accountants office with the masses- I finally have someone who has taken the time to understand me and what makes my business tick - and what can be done differently to make it tick along more smoothly. In less than six months she has taken me from "in the dark" to "in the know". From in the dark ages to paperless and online.
Quite simply, Kyla is passionate about what she does. Her approach to her field of work is a breath of fresh air.


Kyla turned my complicated 2019 individual income taxes into the easiest tax filing I've ever experienced. I had US income and investments to report, and was overwhelmed: what is "withholding tax"? What do I do with all those complex investment statements? I left it all in Kyla's hands and she handled everything beautifully. Kyla is knowledgeable, professional, very responsive, and a pleasure to work with. She asked all the right questions, and for fantastic value for money. I am so happy to have found "my accountant" and I encourage any individual, business or non-profit who needs CPA support or tax filing to give Kyla a call.

Valley Zipline

Aspire Accounting has made our accounting and bookkeeping tasks a breeze. They have saved us money and are always available when you need support. Definitely highly recommend this team!


How fortunate for us to have 'found' Kyla.

Years ago, we attended a financial-planning workshop at the local college, where Kyla was the instructor. The workshop was very informative and we enjoyed Kyla's dedication and enthusiasm in her discipline.

Now as our accountant for our consulting business, we are even more pleased with Kyla and her team. Kyla oversees our year-end financials, corporate tax planning, and personal taxes. She works with us to support our goals, providing us with customized plans and sound advice. Kyla is extremely focused, sharp, and always prepared. She truly loves helping people. We highly recommend Aspire Professional Corp. to any business in need of financial and tax planning advice.