We Do it All

Aspire provides full service business and non-profit organizational support. We offer accounting support including year-end and tax return services, including audits, and we assist clients in understanding their numbers to better manage their organizations. Additionally, our team offers management consulting services for your human resources, marketing, and operational needs.

Non-Profits & Charities

We love the good you do, and want to join your team. We’re happy to prepare your year-end statements, audits and other tax requirements, including your charity tax return. We can also help you cut back on administrative tasks by putting automated systems in place to manage your data.

We have volunteered with many non-profits and have knowledge of governance and administrative matters in addition to tax and accounting. We can be a great resource for your board or management team and are happy to assist you in navigating the challenges of operating and governing a non-profit.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re thrilled to help businesses grow. We care about your goals and aspirations and will build a customized plan to help you realize your dreams.

We encourage any potential entrepreneur to connect with us in the planning stages of your business.  Decisions early on – such as whether to incorporate or when to register for GST – can result in significant tax savings now and down the road.

For operating businesses, we provide compliance services including financial statements, tax returns and audits. We are also available to answer questions and help you make decisions as your business grows and changes. We will ensure that your tax plan is up to date with the latest tax changes and will seek ways to reduce your taxes and increase your wealth.

Our full-service accounting packages for businesses (proprietorships, partnerships or corporations) range from start-up packages to full-service packages.

  • In our start-up packages, we will manage your year-end taxes as well as set up your books and provide you with training and support while you do your own bookkeeping.
  • In our full-service packages, we will do all your accounting for you, from data entry to controllership services. For an up-front and then monthly amount we can assist you or serve as your accounting department, meeting with owners or managers regularly and aiding you in decision making.

We can also assist with buying and selling a business, shutting down your business or any of your other financial accounting, management accounting or tax matters.

Management Consulting

To help you spend time on what you do best, we offer Management Consulting services to support all areas of your business. Our team has expertise in human resources, operations (including non-profit), and marketing. We can help with the elements of your organization that are struggling, such as recruitment, policy, performance management, or social media marketing.

Personal Taxes

We provide personal tax services all year for individuals, businesses, and those with rental properties, investments or other sources of income. We will prepare your taxes and look for ways to help you save money.

Extra benefits we offer

  • Flexible payment options

We understand that a tax bill and accounting bill at year end can be a lot to handle financially, so we offer monthly payment options as well as package pricing on our services.

  • Paperless and technology-forward

Aspire strives to work as paperlessly as possible to reduce waste and improve our efficiency.  We have invested in technology to save time, interact with our clients more efficiently and provide more value to our clients.  We are committed to improve this as the firm grows.

  • Family-friendly office

We are a family-friendly office, so please feel free to bring your kids to appointments. We have lots of toys to keep them occupied. We believe in engaging kids in money and finances from a young age to.improve the financial.literacy of the next generation!